These lesions appeared in a recent immigrant from Pakistan. The lesions

These lesions appeared in a recent immigrant from Pakistan.


Two years after emigrating from Pakistan to the United States, a 28-year-old man began to have a progressive erythematous eruption, which appeared on his right medial thigh and gradually spread to his trunk and arms, legs, and face. The lesions were not pruritic or hypoesthetic. What is the diagnosis?

Granuloma annulare
Pityriasis rosea
Tinea corporis



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Syeda Umme-kalsoom Haider Qazmi says:

I dont get dat dey said its nt hypoaesthetic

Tamilselvi Karthikeyan says:

pityriasis rosea

Joyce Fler says:

Nommular ECZEMA.

Adrian Bellido says:

Most definitely Leprosy!

Conor Quinn says:

Is it possible to undergo an oxter amputation?

Cael Keogh says:

so that's definitely leprosy. Google is kind enough to provide that picture on it's front page

Cael Keogh says:


Cael Keogh says:

however you like it: outer, axilla, underarm, armpit!

Conor Quinn says:

I thought the medical term for axilla was oxters

Cael Keogh says:

That looks like a travelling jock itch to me. What is that pink thing sticking out of the lesion near his axilla?

Mohamed Sayed says:

I think it is tinea corporis.